What sort of files can I submit?
You can submit any film, text or image format. If we have any problems with the file we will let you know. This is for a film project though so visuals are encouraged.

What sort of files should I not submit?
Files that are not your own. Links to other people's material. We are only interested in your personal opinions for this project.

How large files can I submit?

Will you protect my privacy?
Yes. We will only contact you to let you know when we have received the files and if we have any questions regarding them. We will also let you know when the film is done.

Can I be anonymous?
You will have the option of participating anonymously in the film. On the upload form, mark that you don’t want to have your name shown in the film. Make sure that the material you send us only show pictures you are willing to share with a global audience.

You must however agree to the Terms & Conditions in order to participate. The terms of use are outlined here and are the terms by which you allow us to use the footage, audio, image or text you created, as well as confirm that you are the sole owner and creator of the content.

How long is the submission period?
We started this project with a time frame, but we realized as students asked for more time to submit, that we want to keep the submission period open. Please send us your submission and the film will evolve and develop as more voices and opinions trickle in.

What about skype interviews?
Yes please! We can schedule a date to talk over skype. You will email your approval that allows us to record our conversation. Email: dem_dev_film [at] governessfilms [dot] com or contact lovisainserra on skype, to set up a time to talk.

Will all the material I submit be used in the film?
We are afraid that we won’t be able to use all the material that is submitted to us in the film but will edit together a piece that we hope will present a diverse and interesting selection of thoughts from you.